Stand-Out Resumes, Quick Turnaround

When it’s time for a resume, hire a professional. It’s hard to showcase your talents. Plus, you might not recognize some of your best traits and experience.

I can make your resume stand out. I’ve helped many people with their resumes, from salespeople and construction workers to medical personnel and vice presidents. Be assured that you can rely on my discretion. To get started, you’ll need to:

  • email me
  • have access to a laptop or PC to view the documents correctly
  • gather your past experience and job descriptions
  • pay in advance (no personal checks accepted)
  • respond VIA EMAIL during this process

If you’re in the York area, we can meet in person. The cost is $150 for the resume and references and $25 for one cover letter. Additional cover letters are $25 each. Take the next step by contacting The Word Helper today.

Feedback on my resume service:

Seriously happy with your work on my resume! Made me realize what I’ve accomplished. Just might ask for more money! Thanks sincerely, Ann

Cindy was very receptive to and focused on ideas to transfer my police service and experience into private sector terminology. Gordon

It looks fantastic! I’m going to hire me right now! K.