****** March 2021 ******

Please email or call to check availability.

Stand-Out Resumes 

Great Turnaround

For your resume, you’ll want a professional. It’s hard to showcase your own talents, traits and experience, so let me help. I’ve assisted with resumes and cover letters for many clients, from salespeople and construction workers to medical personnel and vice presidents. I can make your resume stand out, and you can rely on my discretion.

To get started:

  • email me so you can respond via email during the resume process (this is a must)
  • call me at 7 1 7  7 4 1  3 3 8 7 to plan when we can meet or Zoom
  • obtain your current job description and most recent resume
  • pay in advance (cashier’s check, money order, Paypal, Venmo or cash)*

Costs and Details: If you’re near the York area, we can meet in person to exchange paperwork and talk about your career, or we can zoom. The resume cost is $150; the first cover letter is $35. Additional cover letters are $25 each. Payment must be made in advance.

* Personal checks are not accepted. Receipt offered if paying with cash; Paypal charge of$4.00 covers your fees.

Client Feedback

Amazed! After struggling to re-invent myself with a new resume, I decided to reach out to Cindy. It was the best thing I could have done! Not only did she take the time to meet me in person so she could grasp my skills and experience, she created my resume effortlessly, in a timely manner, incorporating her gifted way with words.  I couldn’t be happier! 10 stars, I highly recommend!  Michelle

Seriously happy with your work on my resume! Made me realize what I’ve accomplished. Just might ask for more money!  Ann

Cindy was very receptive to and focused on ideas to transfer my police service and experience into private sector terminology. Gordon

Thank you, Cindy, it looks fantastic! I’m going to hire me right now! K., assisted living field

Excellent resume!  Thank you, Cindy, for your expertise. E.