A picture is worth…

When images are paired well with words, they communicate powerfully. My clients needed this service, and since I’m obsessed with photography, it was a natural addition. Over the past decade, I have professionally photographed:

  • food products & gifts
  • landscapes & gardens
  • people & animals
  • festivals
  • historic locales
  • buildings & vehicles
  • special events
photo collage 1 photo collage 2

Using my Canon 7D and available light, I have been gratified to have my photography published in print and online and sold locally. Recent projects include a chile pepper festival, a destination piece on Gettysburg, and a silent auction. Contact The Word Helper today to make your message resonate with the combined power of words and images.

HAVE CAMERA, WILL TRAVEL anywhere globally or locally: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Baltimore, the Caribbean, Greece…you get the idea…

NOTE: These images will give you an idea of my capabilities. To see high-resolution versions, shoot me an email.