Who’s Likely? Game

For the most unlikely fun you’ll have, order this game just published in October 2019. Who’s Likely© is a family-friendly game that builds community among people with different outlooks and backgrounds, and fosters a positive group experience. It’s perfect for:

  • game nights
  • team-building
  • ice breakers
  • holiday gatherings 
  • vacations
  • gifts

Created by Cindy Kalinoski for a gathering of friends, Who’s Likely celebrates life’s surprises and builds community. De-stress with this fun game at your next event; good for groups from ages 6 to 106. For the most unlikely fun, try the 2nd set of guidelines.  Request a copy for $14.99 and pay via Paypal to cindy@thewordhelper@gmail.com (add shipping $4.50) unless picking up. Also sold in some of my favorite York area shops: I-ron-ic Cafe, Sunrise Soap, and Leg Up Farmers Market.

  “Our family had so much fun with the game, especially Henry, who is seven. It’s a wonderful way to gain insight into others. Thanks for your creativity!” Nan