Perfect for playing anywhere, “Who’s Likely?” delivers hours of fun!

Laugh with friends & families near and far. Enjoy an actual fun Zoom. Guess who’s the best fit for each card (Are you the most likely to ski in Switzerland?) and de-stress. There are no right or wrong answers – betcha can’t play without smiling.


Hey, lighten up that zoom meeting with a little team building, will ya? I mean, we’ve all got our slippers on anyway.


Request a copy here for $14.99.  For ages 6 to 106, Who’s Likely© is family-friendly and builds community at home or at work.

Use Paypal or Venmo (cindy, the at sign, then thewordhelper.com); add shipping of $3.99 (unless picking up). Remember to include your address for the fastest shipping!  

“Our family had so much fun with the game, especially Henry, who is seven. It’s a wonderful way to gain insight into others. Thanks for your creativity!” Nan B.

What a simply wonderful game. My friends loved it! So much laughter and discovering things I never knew.  Kristin P.

Game also sold in York, PA, at Perrydell Farm & Dairy, Leg Up Farmers MarketI-ron-ic Cafe, and Simply Local of Glen Rock.


Simply choose “most” or “least” and read the card aloud: “Who in this room (or in this zoom) is least likely to climb a water tower?” or “Who’s most likely to have more than 5 cats?” Everyone votes. Winner gets the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins the game. For even more FUN: gather small prizes from around your house or the dollar store. Everyone who gets a vote gets a prize. This goes faster; it works best for in-person games, but you could totally pull it off over zoom if everyone is “game.” Get it? Game? You get it, right? Okay, get the game and play!