It’s in My DNAthe weaver

My real secret is my gene pool. My grandfather was an editor, my grandmother and great aunt edited the dictionary (that’s them in the pic), and my mom was an English teacher. No kidding.

I launched my business in 1995 and added services as my clients requested them. Before that, I worked in DC and Connecticut in communications. I’m active locally and globally and am committed to making the world a better place.

My work has appeared sistersregularly in Susquehanna Style Magazine and other publications. I also helped write “Leg Up, The Courage to Dream,” and have completed my first novel. My latest gig is as The Book Mom and a wedding officiant.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/thewordhelper

INSTA: ipronounceyoumarried

FB: Susquehanna Officiant

It’s How She’s Designed

For Rebecca Schweitzer, writing wasn’t the obvious choice. She’d always loved reading and writing but felt pressure to join a STEM field after excelling in those courses. Fortunately, though, she recognized her calling and chose to pursue writing. This was after working on a rhetorical analysis essay of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.” (Maybe this doesn’t sound fun to you, but she loved it. She actually loves grammar, as in really really loves it.) Like Thomas Paine, she wants to change the world with her writing, and we have no doubt she will.

She’s been attending Kutztown University since Fall 2018 and is set to graduate December 2021 with a major in Professional Writing. She’s simultaneously earning minors in Public Relations and Music History and graduating early. In addition to her work at The Word Helper, Rebecca would like to do more technical writing where she can marry her STEM interests with her talents in writing.