It’s in My DNAthe weaver

My real secret is my gene pool. My grandfather was an editor, my grandmother and great aunt edited the dictionary, and my mom was an English teacher. No kidding.

I launched my proofreading business in 1995 and added services as my clients requested them—editing, writing, copywriting, blogging, photography. Before that, I worked in DC and Connecticut on publications and in corporate communications.

My work appears sistersregularly in Susquehanna Style Magazine and has been published in Berks County Living, the book “Oxygen for the Swimmer,” Lehigh Valley Style, and BusinessVOICE, and I was the Editor of York House 2 Home. I also helped write “Leg Up, The Courage to Dream,” and have completed my first novel.

Global & Local

I’m passionate about making a difference here and in developing countries. I’ve also served on the Board of Directors of the York County Chamber of Commerce and the Photography and Marketing Committees of the Farm & Natural Lands Trust.

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